Matthew Miller Live Art

“So much better than a photograph!”

Shell Point Sailboard Club Wind Ceremony, April 2019

Shell Point Sailboard Club Wind Ceremony, April 2019

Special moments captured on canvas

Before your very eyes, Matthew creates an original painting to capture the spirit of your event. You and your guests will witness the colorful energy of the creative process in action, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all in attendance.

“Matthew is a great addition to any event that we host! Not only is he a talented artist, he consistently adds unique value to our events with his live painting performances that are very popular with the crowds. Watching him create events is a unique skill, and that's why we keep inviting him back for more. He always brings a smile, inviting friendly engagements with guests as he creates.”

-Sue Damon,
Friends of Wakulla Springs Board Member

How it works

Tallahassee Downtown Sundown Concert, June 2019

Starting with a blank canvas, Matthew sets to work with his paintbrush documenting the event in a way that no photograph can. Meanwhile, attendees interact with the working artist and watch an original painting come to life. In the end, you get a one-of-a-kind piece of art to preserve the moment forever. Fine art prints are available as gifts to your guests so that they'll cherish their memories too.

Check out samples of Matthew’s live artwork here.

“Having Matthew at our Beach Jam creates excitement and curiosity. It’s special to see the event unfold through the eyes of a talented artist. The unique end product is so much better than a photograph!”

-Kristina Peeples
President, Communities of Apalachee Bay Inc

about the artist

Ironman Maryland, October 2017

Ironman Maryland, October 2017

Matthew is a north-Florida artist whose work is a celebration of life, movement, and energy. Natural beauty, outdoors sports, and live music are among his favorite subjects to capture in the moment. He believes that the creative process should not be hidden behind closed doors of the studio, but should be shared.

His live painting career began in Denver, Colorado where he hustled around the nightclub scene creating event-themed paintings and eventually learning to capture live music and energetic crowds on the spot. From there, he began painting live sports. Most notably, he has been spotted at Ironman triathlons, creating special paintings for athletes to celebrate their achievement for life.

More recently, Matthew has been sharing his gift around the beloved town of Tallahassee. When he is not painting, it’s possible that he can be found in local coffee shops working on a PhD dissertation inspired by his experiences as an artist. More likely, though, he will be outside moving and playing among the local beauty that he loves to paint. He can be hired for corporate and private events, outdoors sports, tailgates, live band portraits, and more.

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