Active Lifestyle Artist

In 2015 I began self-medicating with Art Therapy. Then I got addicted. That's how I became an artist. 

I paint because it puts me into a state of flow. We've all experienced this. It happens when you get so absorbed in an activity that nothing else exists. You lose track of time. Your worries disappear. And your inner critic shuts up. Not only do you feel your best, but you perform at your best. Decisions and actions seem to unfold effortlessly. You feel truly alive. You are your best, most authentic self.

When you discover an activity that takes you to that place, you do more of it. That's the trick to living a more meaningful life. And that's the central idea that I wish to communicate as an artist. 

In addition to art, I also like to get my fix through challenging physical activities. As a retired rugby player, ironman triathlete, and fitness coach (my day job), it is my goal to create art that celebrates an active lifestyle. 

Visually, many of my pieces depict the human body in action. I paint fast and expressively, often improvising. The energy shows up on the canvas, giving each painting it's own character. 

Conceptually, the subject of my art is not just the human body in motion, but also the mental state that goes along with it. Some pieces function as a lesson in neurochemistry, juxtaposing a figure in action with the brain chemical associated with the activity depicted. In others I get adventurous with color and create abstract backgrounds to capture the psychedelic feeling of being "in the zone". 

I am not a studio artist. The vast majority of my paintings are created live during a single session in public spaces. I've completed paintings at live music venues, live sports events, and even on endurance race courses. The variable lighting and weather conditions, along with the social interactions and energy of the event, make the creative process even more fun and challenging. 

It is my hope that my artwork inspires you to get moving and do more of the thing that makes you come alive.